Start-up consulting

Businesses stopped hiring for lifetime commitments some time ago, as markets change so rapidly and companies need to tune their workforce for changing economic conditions. We at ANKR, being a stat-up ourselves understand the challenges and thought process of start-up co-founders. We provide Consulting service in the following areas in an extremely flexible and customized model.

Services Description
Accounting outsourcing Give us your entire accounting and you focus on your core business. Do what is import, 
Compliance   Let us take care of your companies act, monthly compliance like GST TDS etc.etc.
Challenge sessions We help all the start-ups evaluate the feasibility of the business plan and provide professional advice for improvement
Pitch-pack preparation Making a clear, crisp pitch back can make or break any important business meeting. We help you create a clear storyboarded presentation to pitch your idea
Springboard Our professional team will help you live your dreams. We provide you with a clear cut mentoring and guidance, help you take your idea to the next level