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ANKR Technology - giving practical solutions

ANKR Global is a firm build on 3 main pillars. ANKR Consulting, ANKR Tech, and ANKR Skill. We have an insane focus on quality delivery. ANKR has very clearly defined and customized solutions based on client size and needs. ANKR is a young company, and this makes us more determined, focused and hungry.

ANKR Group is having its presence in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Indore.

Implementation is the key

Technology Used

Robotic Process automation

For large client we provide RPA solution using UiPath  and Automation Anywhere

Software as service

Customizable tools for fixed assets, ESOPs, Internal audit

Business analytics

Help organization convert data into insights. Wide range of tools  like Python


Help organization improve the management reporting by using Power BI / Tableau/ others


Suggest the best automation solution based on the need and maturity of organization from VBA to RPA

User Feedbacks

Niladry Kar

Many of my coworkers choose to use Ankr Globalfor continuing education. I feel it has the best selection, training and curriculum vs others I have tried. Yes, the courses may be longer than others, but they're more detailed.

Niladry Kar
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Niladry Kar
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